Poster Presentations

IRCHSS 2021 – Virtual Conference

Instructions for the Poster Presentation


As IRCHSS – 2021 will be held as a virtual conference, participants are requested to submit their posters in the digital format. All posters will be published on the conference website. In addition to the poster, presenters are required to provide a short audio-clip describing their study. The poster and the recording should be submitted on or before December 31st, 2020.


The Poster should include following sections (Presenters are encouraged to include appropriate figures/ graphs/charts/ images and limit the text as much as possible.)

  1. Introduction
    1. Research Objectives/Problem
    1. Methodology
    1. Results and Discussion
    1. Conclusion
    1. References (Maximum 5 references)

Each of the above sections should be highlighted in the poster.
Poster Size: A3 Size
Should be saved as JPEG Image with Hight Resolution (1920×1080- HD)

Audio – Clip

A clear audio- clip without background noise should be provided with the poster.  It should include a brief description of the above-mentioned sections of the poster (Maximum time: 3 minutes). Each section of the poster should be clearly highlighted before commencing the description on a particular section, to facilitate the video editing process.

            E.g. Let’s begin with the introduction.
                   Now, let’s move to the research problem.

Submission Checklist

  1. Three-minute voice cut
  2. Poster JPEG Format (A3 size, 1920×1080 – high resolution-HD)
  3. Presenter’s/presenters’ Image/s (Size=height 231x width180)

The poster, the audio-clip and the images should be emailed to on or before December 31st, 2020. The subject of the email should be as follows: IRCHSS poster presentation- Abstract ID …………