Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. Extended abstracts (hereafter referred to as “abstracts”) should be submitted using the link provided below.
  2. Abstracts(written in either British or American English using the APA Style 6th Edition) must be received on or before March 30th, 2020
  3. The relevant track should be indicated at the top left corner of the first page. (If you would like your abstract to be considered for the Symposium on Language Teaching and Learning, or the Poster Session, indicate it in the box provided at the top right corner.)
  4. All extended abstracts should be accompanied by a short abstract.
  5. The short abstract should be limited to 400 words, including up to 5 keywords. Also, it should not include any subheadings or references.
  6. The title of the abstract should be a maximum of 16 words, and it should be centered.
  7. The title should appear in bold, lower case, except for the first letter of the first word; ensure that the first word of your title starts with a capital letter. All other words apart from proper nouns should be in lower case. Acronyms are not generally preferred in the title.
  8. The extended abstract [word limit 1200 including the short abstract; maximum 05 pages; page numbers should be included] should consist of the following sections.
  • Title
  • Author affiliation
  • Short abstract
  • Keywords
  • Introduction (including Research problem, Research questions, and Objectives)
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion [OR results & discussions]
  • Conclusions
  • References [only 5 – 6 ; APA style]
  1. Figures and Tables could be included only if essential.
  2. Tables/ Figures (maximum of 2) should have a caption on top and be numbered.
  3. Acronyms should be written in full the first time, mentioned in the text, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.
  4. Always follow SI Units.
  5. Use font type, Times New Roman; size 11, 1.15 line spaced.

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