Symposium on Media and Society: Concerted Thinking and Collaborative Work


Mr. Wijayananda Jayaweera
Former Director,
UNESCO International Programme of Development Communication


Dr Mahim Mendis
Senior Lecturer, Open University of Sri Lanka


Mr. Amal Jayasinghe
Sri Lanka Bureau Chief of Agency France-Presse (AFP)


Mr Asoka Dias
Director, Station at MTV Channel (Pvt) Limited

It is the common currency that media – be it international or local; printed or digital, for instance – plays an outstanding role in creating and shaping public opinions, and strengthening societies. While supporting individual and social empowerment, however, media also negatively affects the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual stand of people. Given these cultural, socio-political dimensions, in the recent years, a greater awareness has been created in the field of research, of the relevance of media, its presence in the public agenda and its impact on society. Yet, what we lack is concerted thinking and collaborative dialogues on media – a strong nexus involving academics, media personnel, professionals and the public for the empowerment of our society. The objective of this symposium is to enhance the awareness of the influences of media on society – be they positive or negative – and to find ways and means to reduce people’s susceptibility to media, and to increase their critical perception about it. The symposium brings together everyone concerned on the same platform and in the same audience, and constructs a critical space on media, for media with media and academia.