Initiated in 2012 and now proudly into its 5th stage, the International Research Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences-2016 (IRCHSS-2016) of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka, has been committed to create an interdisciplinary dialogue across the academics from Humanities and Social Sciences, by drawing together diverse viewpoints for discriminating new ideas and supporting emerging perspectives. The theme for the conference is “Transformation for Empowerment: Moving beyond Buzzwords”. While continuing to stimulate interdisciplinary research and promote innovation, the conference aims to engage new publics in dialogue and to influence public policy. In order to reach this intent, it strengthens the route already taken and adds novel approaches to the root.

The creation of a regularly updated website – the Nexus: IRCHSS-2016 on Blogosphere – written in a less formal or conversational style is a case in point. The Nexus is an online platform which serves as an inspirational ground for future presentations, a way to reflect on academic-related involvements including conference experiences, and as a means of getting feedback on on-going research. The Nexus also functions as a means to minimise the gap between the formal and the informal; academics and professionals, researches and policies and theories and praxis.

Call for blog-posts

The International Research Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences-2016 calls for content for its concurrent blogosphere; it welcomes posts, which are both textual and visual and discuss, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Reflections on research conferences
  2. Presentations of individual research
  3. Development of novel ideas
  4. Responses to conceptual approaches
  5. Critical analysis of theoretical perspectives
  6. Reviews of published/creative/audio/visual work
  7. Critical explorations on contemporary historical, linguistic, socio-political and cultural cutting-edge issues
  8. Broader critical echoes on university experiences – teaching and/or administration
  9. Literary and/or geographical tourism
  10. Social media, technology and surveillance.


Except for the word limit - 1000 words - official style guidelines/restrictions are not set for the blog posts; yet posts which are written in a less formal style but adhere to the quality and purposes of the conference and provide new insights to society are preferred. Please send your blog post along with visual materials as an attachment to the following email address; send your name and a short biography as well. Email address:

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Nexus: IRCHSS-2016 on Blogosphere