The International Research Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences -2016 (IRCHSS-2016),  internationalist in spirit and interdisciplinary in method,  is aiming to become a wide network for cooperation and interaction within the intellectual area, by promoting particular research interests on Humanities and Social Sciences, in its social, cultural political and transformative dimensions.

We welcome, therefore, all types of sponsorship for fostering the knowledge based society; we target our funds for achieving the conference goals.

By becoming our sponsor, you will:

  • gain tangible visibility at the conference as your name will be displayed in the conference proceedings, on the website and on the conference
  • achieve self-esteem and self-congratulation as you extend your hands for the development and dissemination of knowledge, thus, for the development of the nation.
  • be entitled to distribute promotional materials, subject to the decision by the Conference Committee, to the conference participants.
  • Create opportunities for socialising both with local and international, researchers, professionals, media personnel and the public.
  • be able to enhance your name recognition and goodwill.

We mostly welcome you as our sponsor!

Bank details for sponsorship:

A/C Name: Faculty of Arts Development Funds

(Please also write IRCHSS-2016)

Name of the Bank: People’s Bank, Gangodawila, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

A/C Number: 097100150005005