Aesthetic and Cultural Studies

Classical and Contemporary Music; Musicology and Ethnomusicology; Health and Music; Dance and Ballet; Dramaturgy, Gender and Aesthetic Sense; Film History and Adaptation; Making of Films; Critical Theory for the Visual Artist; Visual Literacy, Graphic Design and Society;  Colonial and Postcolonial Identity; Literary Tourism; Surveillance, Incarceration and Bio politics; Race, Ethnicity and Nationality; Identity Politics; Theatre and Performance, Culture; Popular Culture, (re)Placing the Author; Political Theatre; Representations of Human Trafficking;  Grave Memorials as Cultural Heritage; Writing on Walls-Graffiti Culture; Gay Literature.

Communication, Mass Media & Society

Media and Society, Culture and Communication, Development communication, Health communication, Disaster Communication, Media and Society, Media Law and Ethics, Intercultural communication, Gender and Communication, Political Communication, Social Media, Media Audience, Journalism.

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Prison, Punishment and Rehabilitation, Victimology and Crisis management, Computer Crimes, Hacking and Hackers, Riots and Rioters, Law Enforcement, Workplace violence, Battered Women, and Child Abuse, Art Crime ,The Culture and Politics of Graffiti Arts ,Environmental Crime.

Economics, Finance and Management

Behavioral Environmental and Cultural Facets in Economics,  Financial Markets, Money and Capital Markets, International Finance and Foreign Exchange, Portfolio & Funds Management, Behavioral Finance, Public Finance, Monetary Economics, Sectorial Studies, Issues in Inclusive Growth; Macroeconomic Issues,  Infrastructure and Development, Industrial Systems, Financial systems, IT and Economy, Business, Management and Marketing,  Poverty, Food Security,  Migration and Transformation; Population Aging, Good Governance, Public Finance debt, Sustainable Tourism, Micro Entrepreneurship, Micro Insurance, SMEs and Development.


Education, Social Justice and Social Change;  Education, Social and Political Movements, Education for Sustainable development, Conflicting Perspectives in Learning and Teaching, Digital Technologies and Communications, Educational Change Through Technologies, Education for Interdisciplinary Thinking and  Intercultural Communication, Primary and Secondary Education, Higher education, Adult and Lifelong Learning, Distance Learning, International Schools, Tuition and Educational Goals; Educational Policy; Leadership, Management and Administration; Curriculum Research and Development; Economic Management of Education; Institutional Accreditation and Ranking; Training and Development; Special Education, Learning Difficulties, Disability; Student Learning, Learner Experiences and Learner Diversity; Student Affairs.

Geography, Environment and Geo Information

Disaster management Geo-informatics, Biodiversity, Loss and Conservation, Disasters Management, Agroforestry and Sustainability; Geography and Geopolitics; Sense of Place and Movement; Political Ecology and Landscape; Ecotourism, Environment Issues, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Geographical Issues, Urbanization and Planning, Land use changes.

Gender Studies

Gender Equality;  Women’s Rights and Women’s Studies;  gender and education;  Women and Leadership;  women’s and Men’s Health;  Gender and Religion; Gender and Literature.

Health and Well-being

Health Communication and Health Information Technology; Efficiency of health care and public health service delivery; Improving the public health information infrastructure; Non Communicable Diseases; Legal and financial health planning; Health economics and hospital behavior; Health Promotion and Health Education; Health Policy Research; Social Determinants of Health; Adolescent & Young Adults Health; Environmental Health; Road traffic accidents; Trans boundary air pollution; Outdoor and indoor air quality; Surface and ground water quality; Toxic substances and hazardous wastes; Primary Health Care.

History, Heritage Management, Archaeology and Anthropology

Historiography, Agricultural History, Cultural Heritage Management, World Archaeology; Heritage Studies and Social Growth, The Conservation and Management of Earthen Architecture, Revisiting the Sacred Landscape, Cultural and Physical Anthropology, Linguistics, Applied Anthropology, Economic Anthropology, Historical Anthropology, Political and Legal Anthropology, Medical Anthropology.

Political Science and Public Policy

Political Thought; Comparative Politics; Democracy and E-Governance; Public Administration; Policy Planning; International Relations, Conflicts, Culture and Society; Human Rights, Gender and politics, Politics and Society; Constitution and Constitutionalism, Green Politics, Development Administration.

Religion, Culture, Psychology and Philosophy

Inter-religious Relations; Contemporary Religion and Society; the Religious Roots of Unbelief; the Role of Interreligious Debate and Interaction; Atheist, Agnostic and Society; Civilization. Ethics and Moral Philosophy; Philosophy of Religion; Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Law and Philosophy of Mind; Epistemology

Sociology, Social Policy and Social Development

Spirituality, Superstitions and Legends, Sociology and Gender and Sexuality, Race Nation and Ethnicity, Social Movement, Marriage, Family and Relationships, Abortion and Suicide in Contemporary Society, Gay, Lesbian, Trans Gender and Social Norms, Social Harmony, and Sustainability. Social Mobility and Immobility, Animals and Modern Society, Community Participating Development, Rural and Urban Development, Social Inequality, Social Work.

Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Linguistic Theories; Discourse Analysis; Language Acquisition and Learning Disabilities; Second Language Learning and Teaching; Language Assessment; Bilingualism, Multilingualism, Philosophy of Language; Language Disorder; Psycholinguistics; Language Policy; Translation Studies;, Studies in Syntax; Semantics, Pragmatics, Phonetics and Phonology; Language pedagogy; ICT in Language Education; Language, Society and Culture.